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Doug McDuffee, DC

Dr. Doug earned his BS in Human Biology, followed by his Doctorate in Chiropractic, from Cleveland University in Kansas City, KS.  Dr. Doug is an experienced chiropractor skilled in low back pain, human performance, corrective exercise and medical diagnosis.  When not at the office, he loves spending time with his beautiful wife and two children.  

Jeff Bjorklund, DC
Dr. Jeff is Loveland native serving the Northern Colorado region.  He completed his undergraduate education at Colorado State University with a B.S. in sports medicine and earned his doctorate in Chiropractic from Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, MN.  In his spare time, Dr. Jeff enjoys playing golf and hockey, weightlifting, and spending time with his incredible wife, Josie, and their canine baby, Buckley.
Buckley, the office assistant
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Founded in July 2017 by Dr. Doug McDuffee, DC and Dr. Jeff Bjorklund, DC,  Integrated Chiropractic offers convenient and affordable chiropractic care for the entire family with no contracts or hidden fees in sight.  Our chiropractors have experience treating many conditions including low back and neck pain, headaches and migraines, sciatica, and knee and hip pain, among many others.  We believe that by keeping our expenses low, we can pass on the savings to you by keeping our fees low.  In addition, by accepting only walk-in appointments, we are better able to accommodate the hectic, day-to-day schedules of our community members and patients. 

We also believe in the importance of co-management of cases (when necessary) with other healthcare providers to ensure that each and every patient receives the most necessary and highest level of care possible.

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Latest Clinical Pearls:


The importance of the mid back in your golf swing...


Most golfers acknowledge the importance of hip mobility and range of motion in their swing pattern.  When we lose mobility in the hips, much of the excess force generated during the swing (and at address) is transferred to the spine. This is not ideal, especially in a spine where damage is already present. If an injury is present in the spine, whether symptomatic or not, the improper swing mechanics will further the damage.  

This is where the thoracic spine, or mid back, come into play.  In a healthy spine, much of the spinal rotation during the swing takes place in the mid back.  If your thoracic spine lacks proper mobility, the lumbar spine will take the brunt of the motion, promoting injury as stated earlier.  

In short, in order to maximize the effectiveness of your swing, it's imperative to have your chiropractor assess your patterns to determine where the problem lies and to render the proper treatment.  This will ensure that you are maximizing your golf swing potential with full range of motion in the hips and thoracic spine, thus saving your low back from injury.

Is lying in bed good for your low back pain?


Lying in bed for excessive periods may actually exacerbate your low back pain. A little know fact is that we are all actually taller first thing in the morning than we are before bed. This is due to our discs.  The discs in between each vertebrae act like sponges.  When we lie horizontally, the discs fill with fluid and gently push the vertebrae away from one another, lengthening the spine.  For this reason, our backs often feel stiff in the morning... the discs are full of fluid, like water balloons ready to burst.  When we get up, our spines are once again vertical, causing the excess fluid in each disc to seep out and returning to normal height.  This natural ebb and flow is healthy and is what allows the discs to obtain nutrition.  Problems arise, however, when the spine remains in a horizontal position for too long.  While about 8 hours in bed is healthy, much longer than that is not, as it allows the discs to continue to swell and cause disc pain.  Limiting your time in bed can help with this.

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